The Process of Death – Interesting Research by Sam Parnia

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Having a horrible week battling bugs (and taking care of those who are also battling the same bugs). I am hoping that next week will be much more productive. Need to sort the "About" page, I know…!

Anyway, I wanted to write a short post on Sam Parnia, a medical doctor who does research in the resuscitation field. I read his other book a few years ago (incidentally, I happened to live in Southampton, UK, at the time, where the AWARE studies were started). Have just seen that he has finally released another book.

While the study of consciousness, the process of death, near death experiences and out of body experiences is viewed mainly from a clinical point of view in his studies, I consider his work to be extremely important because it is being heard by mainstream science. The existence of consciousness after physical death is now taken seriously by many.

Fascinating article here (and by the looks of it, fascinating book – it's now in my to-read list!)



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9 comments on “The Process of Death – Interesting Research by Sam Parnia
  1. alpto says:


    Do you know Tom Campbell? If you don't, you'll love his presentations (hours of them on youtube) and his book – My Big TOE – available for free on google books.


  2. Dolors says:

    Hello there,

    Yes, I do. In fact, I have to thank him for many of the ideas I mention in my posts and videos. He is a brilliant mind and his theory makes sense to me.

    However, at this moment in time, we need not just theories but more experimental evidence that can be heard by mainstream science. 

    The work of Sam Parnia, Pim Van Lommel, Bruce Greyson, Eben Alexander etc is very important. Because it comes from the field of medicine.

    There is plenty of solid evidence in many research areas (e.g. Dean Radin, PEAR labs, etc) and this won't be considered seriously until the evidence starts coming from other disciplines as well (apart from parapsychology).

    So it's all helping to put the pieces of the puzzle together 🙂


    • alpto says:

      Sweet, nice links and names you are giving here. I had only heard of Van Lommel in that list, I'll look in details into the rest, especially this PEAR program.


  3. Ellen Winner says:

    Dear Dolors. I really enjoyed your video. Great work. Thank you. For many years I've felt that scientists (especially biologists) working in their labs at the edge of reality are making it take shape as they work. Then perhaps there's some sort of hundredth monkey effect that sets the new reality in concrete more or less (many repetitions by one or more workers).

    Looking forward to your next video.

    With delight and admiration, Ellen

  4. Justin says:

    Hi, thanks for the video. You sound very smart and very sexy! Does consciousness (soul) survive physical death? Rgds,

  5. David Garcia says:

    In fact, I don't think experience near death is so away of the mainstream science. The medical journal Lancet published an article about near death experience in 2002. 

    Lancet is the second more prestigieous medical journal, the first is New England Medical Journal, I will consider it mainstream.

    Here is the link of the publishing reference: 

    And a free access copy:


  6. Bob Askew says:

    Hi Doloros

    I am an old fart without any real intelligence or background in maths or physics and have no religious bias, yetfor the last 6 years I have been 'researching' and have been overwhelmingly fascinated by the new (well I suppose revisited since the 1920's!)  scientific paradigms on the nature of reality and who we really are. 

    Fundamentally it seems to me that it is impossible to find the truth through intellectual acuity as the sujective nature of our realtiy requires a subjective appreciation (as seems to happen with some people who have actual death experienes plus others who have transformative spriritual experiences.

    I like Sam Parnia's approach which is to use the highly acceptable science of improving resucitation to help (with what I guess is his real passion) discovering veridical evidence for non-local conciousness.

    I think the person that has the best model so far is undoubtedly Tom Campbell.  I like his style and elegance for a Big TOE which has only two assumptions underpinning it.

    Keep up the great work.  Alfred Nobel awaits!!!


  7. ramkumar says:


    Dr,Kevin Nelson using MRI studies had done experiments regarding  God centres(deduces  spriitual ,religious and near death experiences  as biological and neurological phenominans)of Brain.His book The spritual doorway to brain' A neurologist's search for God experince  (ideas in the topic :The beauty and terror of oneness..deep with in the mystic's brain r too  revolutionary and innovative ) is recommend as a valuable addition in the study of conciousness even by Vs.Ramachandran and Oliver sacks..Tks for the videos ..even though Deterministic ideas (Laplace The Clockwork Universe – Who are You in a Deterministic, Materialistic & Reductionistic World ) and a purposeless universe concept(with nihilistic or existentalist over tones)  is some thing which i disagree with ..(Yet  i cant done a alternative theory to counter you)..Pls do create a page in Face book for more interactions and intimate…

  8. Katie Lupton says:

    Had a obe after major surgery and sufferd near death beleve I.also met my angel when I finaly awoke after intensive care there was a large white feather at the side of my hospital bed it later disapeard I am glad I can explain this and hopefully be believd

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