What is Cracking the Nutshell and who is behind it?

My name is Dolors, and I am the person behind Cracking the Nutshell, a YouTube channel where physics meets metaphysics, where philosophy meets spirituality and where personal experience is seen as an extremely valuable learning tool, the root of all knowledge and personal growth. Subjective experience, philosophy and science all have a place in my channel, and neither of them is more important than the other! Humour is a great part of my life too, so I also like to create videos that show that side of me!

What is the nature of reality? What is time? What is matter? What is information? What is consciousness? What is the self? Is there purpose to life? Does free will exist? These are the type questions that I love to ponder in my videos; I always attempt to answer these questions from a personal, honest, non-dogmatic, unprejudiced perspective! My attempt at finding answers is not what’s important, but I would say that the success of any of my videos lies in their power to sow the seeds of healthy scepticism and open-mindedness, their power to create even more questions in your mind, questions that may prompt you to take some action, to create some well needed changes in your life!

Controversy is not an issue. Taboo is not an issue either. Subjects such as extra-sensory perception, mind-matter interaction or the power of psychedelics are topics that I find fascinating, and I love to cover them in my channel too.

So who is Dolors? If I had to define myself in “square” vocabulary, I would probably tell you that I am a maths & physics student, a single mum, an (of course!) responsible citizen of the world and… also a bit of a rebellious woman who does not really like to label or define herself in any kind of “square” terms 😛

So…. Let’s say I am just a keen reality explorer with a thirst for knowledge and curiosity that has sent me on a journey so exciting that I can’t help but share it with the world! Above all, I’d like to inspire you, I want to humbly share my knowledge, personal thoughts and insights. I always attempt to blend my creative, artistic, intuitive side with my left-brained, logical, mathematical side… I hope that my videos succeed in finding a balance between the two! The beauty of it all is that – by sharing my personal journey and knowledge through my videos – I can hopefully help others – help you! – find your own blissful path.